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​We are supported by adoption fees, tax-deductible donations, the generous support and services of pet care businesses, volunteer time and now the added opportunity to SPONSOR A POODLE.

​Some of our Poodles are surrendered in poor health and require costly medical attention.  Our rescue and adoption efforts require fostering, boarding, training, veterinary care, grooming and microchipping.  We also spay and neuter each Poodle before placement. Our 2012 costs averaged $720.00 per Poodle.

Your generosity can be expressed by sponsoring one of our rescue Poodles or Poodle mixes.  We thank you in advance for your generous support of our organization.


Please choose the level of donation thats right for you.  We will either bill your credit card each month for one year or we can accept a convenient one time amount for the entire year.You will receive a profile and picture of a needy Poodle* who deserves a loving home.  In addition, you will receive a special thank you gift.

Please check from the choice of Poodle categories : 

Select  the level of support, then select the desired payment schedule  of  MONTHLY for the next 12 months beginning the first of the following month after pledge or make ONE  PAYMENT for the entire year .

*When your Poodle is adopted within your yearly membership, your sponsorship will be transferred to another  needy Poodle.

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