Treasure's Story has a Happy ending!

Treasure was rescued from the shelter. She was a mess , and they assume on her own for quite some time based on her appearance. She was taken to our boarding kennel to recover from her spay surgery. One of our volunteers noticed that Treasure had some blood on her pee pad, and was peeing frequently. She got Treasure an emergency appointment on Saturday at one of our vets- Ygnacio. The vet examined her and did X-rays- the vet said he had never seen a bigger stone.  The stones filled her whole bladder. 

Even though the cost was close to $2,000.00 we knew this 2-year-old sweetie needed this surgery right away.  Another one of our volunteers- a Foster mom who works with dogs that need R and R after surgery, is going to pick her up from the hospital and smother her with love and healing kindness. 

This is an example of what we do- rescue, rehab, and rehome. We are so sad Treasure had to suffer for so long before we rescued her- but she has a second chance now. She may need to be on special food to prevent this condition again.   We are having the stones analyzed to see what type they were. She will not be available for probably 2 to 3 weeks. 

This is why we are always having fundraisers for our medical fund, to help dogs like Treasure and end their pain.

Update: Treasure finds a new home. 

Treasure went home with her new mom. They will live in San Francisco, where mom teaches Japanese. Treasure has already learned some useful words, such as food and walk. It seems the only lasting impact of her surgery is that she will eat special food that will not contribute to more kidney stones. 

We are very happy for this little girl.