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Cinderella Stories

These rescued dogs look like they were visted by their Fairy Dog Mother

2014- Gentley was taken in by NCPR and he was neutered, his teeth were cleaned, he was treated for eye, skin and ear infections, he was microchipped and vaccinated. Here he is before and after- what a cutie.

2016- Ozzy crawled onto the doormat of a good Samarition. This is how she found him. A friend of hers knew about NCPR and called us. We had to have Ozzy quarantined and treated. Several months later he was ready for his forever home. 

NCPR received a call from the San Francisco Shelter. They had a new stray, and they were very concerned about him. He was so frightened. His report stated that he is scared and conflicted. When approached, Whisper averted his gaze and started to climb under his bed. Slowly he was coaxed out with treats. He tolerated petting. Then one of the shelter dogs barked and he ran under his bed again.

They sent NCPR 2 photos- his eyes were so sad, they melted our hearts.

This poor little guy was scared to death. The shelter causes stress, and to a dog as timid as Whisper it was just cruel to leave him there.

One of our wonderful Volunteers, Lynn, went into the city and picked him up. He needed a foster home. And then she fell in love. Whisper found his forever home and got a new name- Jami Bear. He has several fur brothers and sisters, and an adoring mommy. 

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