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Tributes to Dog's Best Friends

Dog's are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.


In honor of Chris Macomber

from Elinor Barron


In honor of Sue Cooper

from Ruth Rogow


In honor of Susan Rose

from Sarah Rose

In honor of Kathy Grimes

from Dee Harpster

In honor of Dottie Studebaker

In honor of Jeffrey Barnes

Okay this is obviously a new family tradition between our two clans and I love it! These are the folks who placed Bella in a badass home. They call themselves a poodle rescue but they basically take care of all curly creatures. The are from your neck of the woods and been at it forever. Continued love and joy to Jeffrey and whole family. Love, Jason and Elisabeth

In honor of Colin Schlesinger

from Cecile and his Poodles Kayla and Lola

In honor of Chris Macomber's birthday

from Elinor Barron

On behalf of Frank and Eve Polansky

from Luke Van Der Spoel

In honor of Colin Schlesinger's birthday

from Ruth Schlesinger

In honor of Nickie Lockwood

from Michael Bronsdon

Thank you Pamela & Jerry Takigawa

In special memory of Angie who was a great mom to all of us, including Brandy and Cinnamon!

In honor of Lorelle Kitzmiller from Floyd Siegal


In honor of Christine Macomber

from Elinor Barron

In honor of Michelle Monteferrante

from Thomas Hicks

In honor of Patty Moulthrop "godmother" to all our Blue Skies kids, Gabe, Logan and Luka

from Amy Anderson & George Somero

To Jane Alpin

Dear Jane,

I wish we could attend the Holiday Poodle Rescue lunch. But in lieu of being able to do so together, I send this donation in honor of our friendship and our continued love for our current, future and past poodles.
Always, Judy

from Judy Berglass

To Cheryl Digiovanni

In honor of Jo Digiovanni

from Meri Rathburn

To Joanne Cuthbertson:

Happy Birthday, Joanne, and Many, Many Happy Returns!

from Marcia Mathog

In honor of Christine Macomber's 80th Birthday

Elinor Barron


In honor of Christine Macomber

William Giammona and Dennis Lickteig


To Charlotte Anne Parker

A tribute to Charlotte Anne who asked for a donation to NCPR for her twelfth birthday present. For the Parker family's NCPR rescue pup Louise and for all the pets we have loved.

Happy Birthday Charlotte Anne! We love you!

Nana and Boomps

In honor of Alice Montgomery

from James Sutton

In honor of Elizabeth Weaver who works so hard for and is so committed to NorCal Poodle Rescue

from Julie Schollenberger

To Lesley Boag

You adopted your last dog from NCPR and are always looking out for another Poodle who needs a loving home.

Merry Christmas from your daughter Charlotte


In Honor of Patty and Bud Moulthrop

from Frank Kelly


To Mildred Brown: Happy Birthday! You are an honorary member of the "Save a Dog's Life Club". Love, Aully and Shully.

To Barbara Meyer

Happy Birthday!

To one of my long time "youngest" friends!


Marlene Farber

Congratulations, Jane and Jonathan, on your wedding! We could not be happier for you both. We were thrilled to celebrate with you in Morelia!
We thought this could help celebrate the love you have for each other and for Mochi Monster.

Reese & Michael Dawson

Thank you NCPR for rescuing our precious Schnoodle, Darwin, he has given us such joy! Dr. and Mrs. Milford Waldroup- You are welcome!- NCPR

To Monica Stein, one of our Volunteers- good job! Love, Rick Stein

From Neil Alexander for Cindy Paul, Thanks for your help in finding a puppy for our daughter.

This donation is a Christmas gift to my dad, Ron Grady, a true dog lover, and an incredible man! Love you so much, Dad. Thanks for introducing us to poodles!   From Sharon Curulla

​This gift is dedicated to Colin Schlesinger with thanks to Colin and all the NorCal Poodle volunteers who help to save sweet dogs (like our Snowy) and match them with fortunate families (like ours). Thank you for all that do. Eden Bruner

Happy Birthday, Dixie!  May all dogs be as fortunate as you! Love, Kris, Jeff and Joy

In honor of Kathy Poe of Bar King Poodles from Frank Kelly

Congratulations from Heather and Paul Haaga in honor of the wedding of Stephanie Neidig.  

In honor of Jill Christofferson, DVM. We appreciate your dedication, compassion and expertise. We are honored to have such a amazing person, doctor, and friend in our lives. Diane Paschall

Dear Wilma,
Knowing how you love poodles, this contribution is in honor of you as you celebrate turning 80.
Happy Birthday, dear friend.
Love always, Carol

This is in honor of Wilma Hilton's 80th birthday. She loves poodles! From Christine Buss

In honor of  Margo's birthday from Steve and Marsha Boyd 2017

In recognition of Macy and Tee, for building such a happy thriving community at Monster Pho, and for their deep love of Penny and Bella, Monster's darling puppy mentors ( Poodles aplenty! So grateful for their love, energy, and sweetness, which enriches the lives of so many people every day. 2016- Stella

Sherli Chin, any thanks for your help caring for Yukon & Spooky over the holidays! Jeannette 2016

In honor of Margo's birthday!  Steve&Marcia Boyd 2016

Happy Holidays Sheila! Love, Elaine 2016

Shania and Max,  In honor of Shania and Max, Diana House, 2016

Patty and Bud Moulthrop, In honor of  Patty and Bud Moulthrop, Frank Kelly, 2016

Kathi and Murray Bullis, The Del Valle Kennel Dog Club honors Kathi and Murray Bullis' dedication to the sport of purebred dogs.  For the many years they have been contributing members of DVDC as well as good citizens to the "poodle world".  Del Valle Kennel Dog Club, 2016

Anja Olsen-Wise  ­­­­­­­­­­"In grateful consideration of Anja letting us bring beautiful Zeus into our lives. We are forever honored by her kindness."   Loraine and John and Shay 2016

Spruengil (formerly Mama Bear)  "Happy New Year and a big thank you from Laurie Prisbus, Phil Hopkins and Spruengil".  2015

Jake, adopted 2014, honoring  Jake now Charlie, Sandra and John Kniep, 2015

Jeannette and Gary Maldonado,  Honoring  Jeannette and Gary Maldonado.  From Angelica Salem, 201

Karen Neely-Reed, Thank you Karen for being such a great boss, Steve Beitz and Chris Farlin

Patty Moulthrop, “For her work on Poodle Rescue by her Sergio, CH Blue Skies Gone Fishing; Olivia, Blue Skies Nitedancer; Ezio, Tees Blue Skies Con Zito; alive and well, Moseley & Jojo from Norcal Poodle Rescue.”  From Linda Bartlett

Janie and Jonathon, Dear Janie and Jonathon, May you have many years of bliss with each other and your darling Poodles.  We love you.Corliss, Freddy, and Ariel xxOOxx 2015

Abby and Emma Lauter, in honor their B'not Mitzvah, Jennifer Lauter 2015

Jake (now Charlie) Sandi and John Kniep  give thanks for Jake....2015

Arthur and Leila Arthur Ciker, " In honor of Arthur and my Mother, Leila Arthur Cilker"  From Beth Smith 2014

Bella, In honor of their Southern California adoptee (2008), Bella, who is doing great!  Carol and Vance Caesar

Honoring Lynn Disharoon from Steven Disharoon

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