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Every spirit builds itself a house, and beyond its house a world, and beyond its world a heaven. 

Know then that world exists for you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 IN LOVING MEMORY Dog's Best Friends



In memory of Jennifer Helm

To Chad Helm

I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of your mom - She was an absolute sweetheart - Never got the opportunity to meet in person but we talked / emailed about everyday - She was the best customer service gal and no one will ever be able to replace her. May you find comfort in the cherished moments you shared together and may her memory bring you peace. During this time of loss, I want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
from Stacy O'Connor


In memory of Charlotte Huntley

from Michael Letizia

In memory of Dean Thompson

from Rachael Harralson-Valletta

In honor of Dean Thompson

from Larry & Jeana Hultquist

In loving memory of Jamie Summers and Bijou

from Amy Blasenheim


In memory of Mort Gensburg and his dogs

Dear Fran
Our hearts are with you - Mort will always be remembered with my poodles and I ; when we walk at the ocean and when we run at fort funston.
Please know Fran we welcome you to join us on our walks.
with much love
lynn and poodles

From Lynn Miller

In memory of Marcy Rothermel who was a real dog rescuer.

from Cissy and Peter Van Vleet

This is in honor of Arla McGuire, a devoted poodle lover, fantastic mother and friend to us all. Her smile, irreverent sense of humor and forthrightness endeared her to me immediately. Her strength of character was unlike any I have ever met and she was generous and kind to a fault. She is no longer on this earth but her daughter continues to carry the torch for her Mom both physically and emotionally. This is not only a tribute to Arla, but to the wonderful daughter she molded into a strong woman who had the fortitude and kindness to take care of her beloved dog, Mimi. Cat, you should be proud of the woman you have become and every time you look in that mirror, you will also see your mom, and that reflection will carry you through the hard times. Thank you for being you. It brings me joy to see Arla when I see you. Patty and Hazel Frank send their love.


In honor of Arla Mcguire

from Mike & JodyGabaldon

In memory of Colette Foulke

Happy Birthday Colette! We all miss you so much already. Love, Claire

Claire Grimmett

In memory of Colette Foulke

Dedicated in honor of my dear friend Colette, and her love for all Poodles.

Jeff Carter

In memory of Kim from Carol & Dennis Latta

We know Kim loved dogs, especially Poodles, so we decided to donate to NorCal Poodle Rescue in memory of her.


Carol and Dennis


In memory of George Neal Huntley from Shirley Nootbaar

A devoted husband to his talented wife.

In memory of George Neal Huntley from Michael Letizia

To Chris Huntley

In honor of your Dad

our love and sympathy

Michael and Patrick

In memory of Patty Moulthrop

from Stella Munro

In memory of George Neal Huntley

From David & Suzy Helfland

In memory of George Neal Huntley

From A. Edsinger

In memory of George Neal Huntley

From Anne & Jack Fallin

In memory of George Neal Huntley

From Donna Parris

n honor of our dear friend, Bruce Mews. Bruce was a dog lover and our labradoodle, Maggie, considered him one of her best friends ever. May Bruce - and Maggie- rest in peace. Hopefully they are now playing with a tennis ball on a heavenly coast. (We adopted Maggie from NorCal Poodle Rescue in January 2009 and she passed away in October of 2020. We miss her immensely.)
Thank you for all you do to support dogs in need.
Karen Reed


In memory of Patrick Borlongan

In memory of a caring man who loved dogs.

from Sally Vaidean-Lauer

In honor of Patty Moulthrop

from Don and Sally Clark

In honor of Patty Moulthrop

We appreciate all that Bud and Patty did for us and our poodles over the decades. Their devotion to poodles and oodles was a wonder to behold. Thank you for carrying on the wonderful work of NorCal Poodle Rescue.

from Barry and Patty Sharrow


In loving memory of Bud Moulthrop

A very big loss for the Poodle community and for all his friends and family.

He picked out our Poodle for us and he has been the best dog and friend in the world. Bud was a genuinely kind man.

from Amy Anderson and George Somero

In memory of Angie Gomes

In special memory of Angie who was a great mom to all of us, including Brandy and Cinnamon!
Lynn Running


In memory of long-time Sun Maid Kennel Club Member Pat Proudian who recently passed away! Her passion was poodles!

from Cynthia McAlester

In memory of Laurelle Kitzmiller

To Jay McClaugherty

Thanks again for retaining my services

Floyd Siegal

In memory of Diana House

from Susan Paluncich

In memory of Diana House, who loved Max to the moon and back, and a special thanks to Patty, Kathy and Lisa for connecting me to Max so I can try to be as good as a mom to him as Diana was to him.

From Kelly Cunningham

To the House Family

In memory of Diana House and many rescue Poodles all loved equally

Diana was the bravest person we have known, cheerful and sweet to all through all of her illnesses. She will be missed.

Jan Hatheway

To JoAnn Gurdus

In memory of Mary Frances Kaul

From the Veterinarians at Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA

To Joy Whitcomb

In fond memory of Donna Lynn Creese, a kind, gentle woman and animal lover, who will join beloved Snowflake, her NCPR toy poodle, in heaven.

Sue & Jack Cooper and Helene Shepherd

In fond memory of Thomas Werp. A friend to all dogs and we who love them.

From Judi and Al Dolata

Karen Howard and Alayne Kinnaman

With sympathy for the loss of your mother Marylin Squeri

Curt Cournale

In loving memory of my mother, Marylin Squeri. One of the best experiences that I shared with my mother was finding and adopting a little white poodle from Nor Cal Poodle Rescue. Mom named him Riley and loved, cared for and spoiled her little boy. My sister, "little brother" Riley, and I are heartbroken because of her passing.
All three of us stayed by her side to comfort her until the end. When my sister and I opened the letter mom left us, it read "Take care of My Riley for me". Mom, don't worry ~ we will.

From your daughters Karen Howard and Alayne Kinnaman

With our deepest sympathy on the passing of Ms. Marylin Squeri. May she rest in peace!

Yvonne Gallero

In Memory of Marylin Squeri


Karen, Jaxi and Jimmy

A donation was made to Norcal Poodle Rescue in memory of your Mom, Dana Burr Lamb Tillson.
With love from Penny Green

In loving memory of Shanelle Bluford and her dogs Coco and Bear.

From her sister L Blue

In memory of Clarice Kahr who loved animals.

from Teresa Rogers

To Chester Case

In memory of Shirley Case from Joel Morris

In memory of a lovely lady Joan Sweeney who was known for rescuing some very lucky pets. We are so fortunate to have been part of your family.  From Sue, Tom, Natalie and Sachie Clark.

In memory of Diane Alpers- much loved mom to our dedicated volunteer Sherry Alpers and her family. Love from Jackie DV, Sparkie, Lucy, and Old Nick. Gone, but never forgotten.

In memory of Robin Lazarus from  Connie and Richard Schimbor


In memory of Judy Gentile, we love and miss you, Rosemary, Art, Dean and family and John and Millie Veneri 2016


In loving memory of Lee West. She always had a poodle on her lap!

Michelle Deguara 2016


In memory of Holly Vidovich.  "To Daphne Harris, Because Holly loved poodles and you loved Holly, Karen DuPont, 2016


In memory of John Lynch  "In honor of John Lynch on his passing."

Jacqueline M. Thomason , 2016


In memory of Felicia Martin del Campo   “It is but life that friends most cherished

soonest die since as the poets often say, the fairest flowers soonest fade. 

Felicia - thank you for all I learned from you and for being my friend." 

Diane Huygen, 2016


In memory of Ken Sanders  "In loving memory of a man who ran with the poodles."



In memory of Mr. Pete Bodie  "Mr Pete Bodie" lived an impressive 103 years,

from Tom E. Simonson and family , 2015


In memory of Kathy Cartwright, beloved wife of Larry Cartwright, La Verne, CA

from Patty and Bud Moulthrop, 2014


In memory of Timothy Alan Crete, beloved husband of Gerre Wood and brother

of Jacqui Cole from Patty and Bud Moulthrop, 2014


In memory of Whitmom Roberson, from Shirli Chin 2014


In memory of  Jill Meda.  We know how much Jill loved her poodle puppy.

We extend our heartfelt sympathy to you on your loss and know that only time

will help ease your pain.  Susan Armstrong 2014


In loving memory of the Miller Family, from Lynn Miller


In memory of Esther Levine.  Thank you for Casey and Max and to Sue Cooper and

Kathi Bullis for bringing us together.  Barbara Picazo, 2013


In memory of Patricia Johnston from Catherine Wells, 2013


A donation has been made to NorCal Poodle Rescue in honor and memory of Dara. The intelligence, sensitivity and compassion that she exhibited throughout her life will be carried on through the work of poodle rescue.
Thank you for sharing Dara with us, Love,Lisa & Bill McKenna

In Memory of Carrie

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