NorCal Poodle Rescue Adoption Procedure

We are dedicated to rescuing Poodles and enriching the lives of those who adopt them.  Our NorCal Poodle Rescue adoption procedure is designed to find a good match between the Poodle and adopter.  You can meet our Poodles at adoption events at Pet Food Express in Walnut Creek the third Sunday of the month, noon to 3 p.m. or by making an appointment to come to our kennel. 

If you see a Poodle on our website that you are interested in meeting,

 Please complete our online adoption application. 

One of our volunteers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Adoption Fee:  NorCal Poodle Rescue often incurs substantial costs to provide our rescue and adoption services including boarding, fostering, spaying and neutering, vaccinations, treatments, training, etc.  To partially cover these costs we typically have the following fees for adoption:


Adoption Fees and Deposits

Toys and minis (including mixes)             $350

Special (under 1 year)                                $400

Reduced fee                                                 $300

            includes dogs age 7 – 10 years, dogs with chronic medical conditions or dogs requiring adoption with another dog.

Dogs older than 10                                      $250  


SENIOR FOR SENIOR Fee- Dog 10 years or older- Human 65 or older - $100.00

Refundable Spay/Neuter Deposit             $350 (this would be noted on Interim Agreement- If too young to be neutered)


Standard Poodles                                      $700 if we had the dog pexied

otherwise                                                      $500 + $400 refundable pexi deposit

Special (under 1 year)                                 $600 + $500 refundable spay/neuter +                                                                                                                   pexi deposit

Reduced fee                                                 $450 + $400 refundable pexi deposit

            includes dogs age 7 – 10 years, dogs with chronic medical conditions or dogs requiring adoption with another dog.

Dogs older than 10                                      $400 + $400 refundable pexi deposit


Large mixes (over 40 lbs)                        $500

Special (under 1 year)                                 $600

Reduced fee                                                 $450

            includes dogs age 7 – 10 years, dogs with chronic medical conditions or dogs requiring adoption with another dog.

Dogs older than 10                                      $400

Refundable Spay/Neuter Deposit $400

 (If too young to be neutered, this would be noted on Interim agreement)


No SENIOR FOR SENIOR discount on Standards


NCPR will have all Standard Poodles gastropexied.  The cost is part of the adoption fee.  The reason for this decision is that bloat and torsion are fairly common in Standards as well as other larger, broad-chested dogs.  This condition is a life-threatening emergency; life-saving treatment is very expensive ($5000-$10,000) and the outcome is not always positive;  and the prophylactic surgery is safe, effective and reasonably priced.  If you adopt a dog prior to gastropexy, we require a deposit to ensure that you complete the gastropexy within 6 months.    Generally larger poodle mixes do not require gastropexy.  Read about Gastropexy


Return Policy:  We provide a two-week trial adoption period during which everyone can assess if the adoption works for the Poodle and the new family. If you decide to return the dog within this two-week period, your adoption fee will be refunded.  After the two week period, the dog may be returned at any time, but the adoption fee will not be refunded.  If at any time or for any reason you are not able to care for the Poodle, please call us and we will take the Poodle back.


Adoption Interest Form:  If you want to adopt, but you don't see a dog that matches your needs, please file an adoption interest form.  This is especially true if you want a Standard Poodle.  We have a waiting list for Standard Poodles.  We always contact people on our waiting list before posting a Standard Poodle on our website.

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