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Our Best Friends Who Have Crossed the Rainbow Bridge


To Shauna Pope

In loving memory of your sweet boy Marley.

from Kim Barnes


To Suzanne Dumont

Lucy was a beautiful red poodle who lived a long and full life in San Francisco. She was loved dearly by her mother Suzi and adored by those who met her, especially at the San Francisco dog park. She brought so much light and love and will be forever missed.

from Kerri Hensley


In memory of Ernie T. Poodle

from Bonnie Murphy

In memory of Lexi, our beautiful, loving white Standard Poodle we found through your organization

from Kate Samsa

To Teresa Patton

In memory of Gilda Patton

Gilda had completed her weekly UL class. She enjoyed her class and her Mom loaded her in the car for their trip home. When they arrived home her Mom, Teresa, couldn’t rouse Gilda so she checked her gums which were white, she got back in car and drove Gilda to the nearest ER VetClinic. While checking in the clinic giving her information the Dr returned to tell Teresa that he had performed a Uktrasound and concluded that Gilda had a tumor repture and her tummy was filled with blood and her chances of survival were not good. Making the terrible decision we all dread they decided to let her go and end her pain. Gilda was just 9 yrs old.

from Judi Gibson

In loving memory of Sylvie, an elegant gray poodle, who left this world too soon.

from Carolyn Jones

In memory of Noodle

from Sheila Steinberg


In memory of our last Blue Sky Poodle, Luca Loganson and a tribute to all three Blue Sky boys we had from Patty and Bud Moulthrop.

From Amy Anderson

To Stacy Loeb

Bo was a rescue Standard Poodle from a Domestic Violence home. He over came Cancer only to break his front paw and they did a scan and saw that he had to had his spleen removed. Unfortunately the cancer had spread and as hard as he fought he couldn’t find this one last battle.
He was loved fiercely by his Mom and Dad and baby sister.

From Judi Gibson

This donation is to honor our beautiful silver standard, Simone. We adopted her from NorCal 12 years ago. Unfortunately, we sadly had to say goodbye on September 29, 2023. We miss her so much! She was regal, loving and a very gentle soul. I am sure she looks even more beautiful with angel wings.

from Cheryl Bianchi

In memory of Rusty

Rusty was a recue from Norcal Poodle in Walnut Creek. He was a loyal and loving companion. I am sending this donation in his memory.

From Pat Libien


In memory of Shadow

Shadow entered our lives on June 26, 2006 from NorCal Poodle Rescue and left us all truly saddened on September 26, 2020. He was absolutely the most amazing rescue one could ever ask for. He was sweet, gentle and melted everyone's heart. We will never forget him.

from Tisa Baumgartner


To Jackie DeVries

In memory of Sparkie DeVries, and loving support of Jackie DeVries. Sparkie was an amazing dog loved and cared for by an equally amazing woman. We love you Jackie! Dana, Acadia and Alora

To John Donohie

In loving memory of Jamie Summers and Bijou

From Amy Blasenheim


In memory of ReillyPosner

To Venkat Raman

In loving memory of Java

From Janani Krishnakumar


In memory of our sweet little Abby that brought so much love and joy to our hearts. Every time we see a rainbow, we will think of you. You will never be forgotten. Love, Mommy & Daddy

From Paula Mitzel

To Lynn Miller

In memory of sweet Zinnia. Taken way too soon.

from Michael and Georgette Popoff


To Sandie Martin in memory of Bentley

Bentley was Sandie's first standard Poodle puppy. She had rescued before but Bentley was her first puppy from birth to passing over the rainbow bridge. He was everything to her. She trained him from a pup to an adult. He was so well manned he could fly in the airplane with her and he wasn't a service dog. she worked with on tricks and behavior constantly. He also was the most handsome poodle you have ever seen. impeccable manners and a calm demeanor unmatched by any Poodle I have ever met. When she lost him just after his 14th birthday she was lost. it was heartbreaking for her.

from Judi Gibson


To Mary and Roy Rhodes in memory of Goldberg

from Michael and Georgette Popoff


In loving memory of Lacey. We miss your nights on patrol, your jumps into bed at 5 AM, your love of applause. The world was your stage. Your beautiful eyes windowed your soul. Give our love to Rachel when you see her.

from Carl and Kathleen Nuesch

In memory of Phoebe, adopted from NorCal Poodle Rescue in August 2010, the sweetest little dog in the world.

from Julie Ann Poimiroo


To Ariann Senter in memory of Ferne Senter

Ferne was Ariana’s first Standard Poodle. She got her as a puppy in TX. Jason Ariann’s husband is in the Navy so Ariann and Ferne traveled a lot and were alone a lot becoming best friends. Eight months ago Ferne was diagnosed with Cancer. They fought hard through Cemo and other treatments but the Cancer won. Ferne crossed that rainbow bridge June 23. She leaves behind Ariann,Jason, human brother Franklyn and little Poodle brother Oak.
She was just 7 yrs old

from Judi Gibson


To Sandie Martin in memory of Brady Martin

Bradys first Mom Nancy died of cancer, and she made sure he had a good home with his sister Sadie and Ken and Sandie were more than happy to take them. Sadie passed over the rainbow bridge years ago and now she, Brady and their sister Prada are running around having a grand time.

from Judi Gibson


To Madge Bagala In memory of Mandy

Mandy was a rescue miniature Poodle that Madge rescued.

She was 15 when she passed and Madge is missing her so much.

from Judi Gibson

To Christy Niedig in memory of Audrey and Trevor

In memory of two very special Poodles

Love Karen and Mark

Karen Weitzel

In memory of Glory Silver Bullet  and his best friend Barbara Meli

Glory Silver Bullet ("Bullet") was my deceased wife's faithful friend

for about 15 years. They will meet again in "heaven".

from Robert Meli


In memory of Lexi from Kate Samsa

In memory of Allison's beloved fur child, Aris Dixie Belle's

Orange Blossom (Dixie). from Scott Legocki

To Allison Cain

In memory of Aris Dixie Belle's Orange Blossom (Dixie)

From Kimberly and Scott Legocki

To David and Claudia Pearlman

In memory of Lexi Pearlman

From Dayle Kline

To Lynn Lande

In honor of Wooly Mojo

From Judi Gibson

In honor of Quilo

Thank you for sharing her with us. We have a paw print forever in our hearts. May all rescues find a home as wonderful as yours. With Love and Support, Your Amigos

Tracy Grove


Tom and Dean

So very sorry for your loss. We will miss seeing Penny and Dash. It is so very difficult so say goodbye. We all know however, that in their own special way they are with us forever! Dennis and Cheryl

In Honor of Lucy's life

From Sheila Steinberg

Raffi on a hiking adventure. 

Django was an incredibly special poodle who warmed the home of Deb and Mike. He was endlessly sweet, gentle, and nurturing to me while I was pregnant with his future human buddy, Liv. In fact, he was the first to know our family was growing, as he sensed it before we did. We had a special year with Django in 2020, who thrived during "shelter at home" times. Even as a senior pup, Django would gear up and race me home as we rounded the final block of our daily walks. Django was so fortunate to have been taken in by Deb and Mike, who gave him a wonderful life, and in his honor, we hope more rescues like him find the perfect home and family. Django's memory and soul will live on and always hold a special place in our hearts!

Love from Allison Stillwell honoriing Deb Keating


Raffi entered my life and forever changed me for the better. Not only was he the most handsome and intelligent boy wonder, but his natural intuitiveness for when he was most needed was far beyond any other companion. He is forever loved by many and forever missed. Love, Edwin,Dec. 2022











To Deb Keating

In memory of Django

from Andrew Ryer

Django came into Deb's life and completely filled up the house with love, cuteness, cuddles and other antics. The cutest little poodle with the best!!!! ears ever. He became such an important part of the Keating family. From walks to kayaking to making friends with Liv, he totally bewitched everyone! We love you and will miss you Django. See you at the rainbow bridge.

Cynthia Michels

For Lisa Marie

We were not ready........even though our sweet dog was a few weeks short of her 20th birthday. Lisa Marie came to us from NorCal Poodle Rescue when she was 14, already blind and deaf. She had survived so many health obstacles over the past 6 years, we didn't have a realistic sense of her fragility. This donation is to thank NorCal for the joy and love Lisa Marie brought to us.

from Cheryl Bianchi

In honor of the late great Lacey Alexis

from Joanne Alexis

To Cheryl Bianchi

In honor of sweet Lisa Marie. Thank you so much for trusting her in my care. You gave her such a beautiful life. Love Victoria.

To Cheryl Smith

In honor of Jordan - Gone too soon sweet boy rest well

from Judi Gibson

To Linda Zitzner

In honor of Oslo -- Small but mighty. A special boy who will always be in our hearts.

from Kate and Katherine

To Jana and Bill Bergman and Family

In honor of sweet Scooter, who was so loved and who loved so much!

from the Herndon/Brown family and Drogon

In memory of Casper who was adopted from NCPR and in honor

of Betty White.

from Frances Neagley

In memory of Shane (Shaney) adopted 11/24/2018.

His spirit went on to a new adventure 12/14/2022.

from Martha Besseghini


In memory of Chai

from Jothi Venkatraman


Carl & Kathleen Nuesch, Hanna Hubbard sends

this message to Rachel:

Merry Christmas, Rachel! Wishing you were here!

In loving memory of our sweet girl Rachel from Carl, Kathleen, and Lacey. We miss you. 


In honor of Standard Poodle Jake (adopted May 2018 from NorCal Poodle Rescue), who we lost in May 2021.

from Teresa Schneider

To Steph And Mike

Dear Steph/Mike- We know how special Mikki was and how deeply she was loved by both of you. She was so lucky to have been adopted by such wonderful and loving parents. We wanted to give back something in her honor. Mikki will live in all of our hearts forever.....

We love you, Kris, Corinne and Ginger

To Becca Shambaugh

In loving memory of Oliver. What he lacked in brains he made up for in heart! He brought joy to everyone around him and shall always be dearly missed.

from Stephannie Tornow

In loving memory of our angels Maxx and Willie Wonka

Pattrick Seratt

To Debbi and Kris Hansenelli

Because of you, Georgie had a long and happy life. She may not have expressed it in all the ways some dogs do, but her unwavering trust and companionship said it all. She will always be so special in your heart and, in the months to come, you will only remember the good times. Love, Peggy and Dennis

To Terri Lynn Ciotti

In loving memory of Princess Ruby & Bailey

from Nichole Ciotti

To Victoria Garduno

This donation is to honor Coco and Shiloh. We know how much you loved your babies. It is always so difficult to say good bye. We also know that you believe you will see them again someday, which hopefully eases the pain. Love Dennis and Cheryl

In Memory of Raven Nuffer,

Thank you Susan and Bill for providing the best home possible for Raven. She started out scared and sick, and facing euthanasia in an overcrowded animal shelter. She ended up being the "spoiled" queen of your household, having her every wish granted. She was loved deeply and will always be remembered.

Alan Segal

In loving memory of Princess Ruby and Bailey- beloved by Terri Lynn Ciotti from Nichole Ciotti

In memory of Java

from Janani Krishnakumar

Dear Lorna and Charles,
In remembrance of Ulee. May his memory be a blessing.

From Nancy Davis

For Prada

Always in our hearts
Judi and Charley Gibson

In honor of Nephthys, a female, white standard Poodle, 14 yrs of age. Nephthys was the divine mistress of her earthly temple and the beloved companion of Kristy, her husband and fur brother, Anubis. May sweet, happy memories comfort all of those Nephthys left behind on 1/31/2021

from Catherine Novak

In memory of Henry, 2005-2019

John Kunich

In memory of Sadie

Dianne Reddoch

In memory of Bijou, rescued by NorCal Poodle Rescue and loved since 2007

Thank you, thank you for the work you do! Bijou brought such joy to my life and I miss her terribly.

Connie Georgiu










In loving memory of my little Shadow, a NorCal rescue from June 2006! The best & truest friend a human can ask for! Thank you, NorCal, for bringing him into my life! He will be deeply missed!
from Tisa Baumgartner


To Tisa Baumgartner

In memory of beloved Shadow from his adoring friends, Lynn and David.


To Tisa Baumgartner

In honor of Shadow, a NorCal Rescue poodle.
Sweet, loving, devoted, and a ray of sunshine to all who met him.
He brought happiness to so many with a wag of his tail and his heart-warming smile.
You are deeply missed. Enjoy your wings, little man!
Much Love - Lici, Ed & Gromit


To Kate Marie

In memoriam to Misha, a great standard poodle champion who was always wanting to please and perform. The best white boy poodle we ever met.

Elaina and Linda Mann Zitzner

To Jamie Schwab

In honor of Sota, who was taken from us far too soon. She is deeply loved and missed by all who knew her.

Lauren Jean Rice

To Pattrick Seratt and Bill Scholl

In memory of Maxx!

Suzanne and Gerry Blue

In memory of Rocky!

Kathleen Owen

To Vic Esworthy

We will all miss Lucy so much... Although she was a Pit Bull, she was really a Poodle at heart!

from Cheryl Bianchi


To Kris Buchholz and Jeff Wold

In memory of Jasper, the most loving and smart poodle I have ever known.

from Roz Johnson

In memory of Ari Yasui

Our furbaby passed last week Wednesday (Feb 5th). Her post MRI showed a brain bleed (likely caused by her brain tumor).

Vanessa Mita


To Warren Ligan

in loving memory of Oscar (Oskie) Ligan

Michael Schement

To Sandra Davis

in loving memory of Scarlet

Stephanie Fitzwiliam

To Carol and Peter

In loving memory of Chloe Mattes

Jacquelyn Cole

In memory of Maxine

Dear Jane & Jerry,
You gave Maxine a loving home. She was a difficult child due to her early puppy experiences. But you never wavered in your love for her. She will be missed by you, and certainly by Remi.
Love, Judy, Bob & LuLu

In memory of Hailey

Hailey, elegant, intelligent Silver Belle, you were Sharon's dream poodle come true. You brought us all so much love and joy. May you run, free of pain, with all those that we have loved who have gone before you and then wait patiently at the rainbow bridge. The flowers at the bridge are now more vibrant and the night sky brighter. Rest and run in peace my Silver friend. You were and always will be greatly loved and forever in our hearts.

from Janise Burford

In memory of Bodie 

We'll miss Bodie and always remember him.

Brian Gerkey and Leila Takayama

                                            In memory of Ch. Blue Skies Emma beloved companion of                                                    Sue and Don Rose.

                                            Emma was sunlight and laughter, love and joy.  

                                            Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole 

                                                  (Roger Carras)

                                            From Patty and Bud Moulthrop 

In memory of Phil Wilson and Susie together again at the Rainbow Bridge

From Dennis & Cheryl 

To Ginny

In memory of Daly. We will miss Daly so much. She was a wonderful, regal Standard who brought us joy whenever we saw her. She will be remembered!

from Dennis & Cheryl Miller

In memory of Eddie, the most amazing Standard Poodle.

from Robyn Kunkler

In memory of Jennifer and Buddy. May you two play together forever.

from Wayne Chin

To Bart Hess in memory of Phoebe Hess.

from Duane Hess

In memory of Wyatt who we adopted in when he was four years old. Unfortunately he died in 2018 at the age of 11 1/2 from a heart attack. We miss him terribly.

Monika Hill

In memory of Suzette

David Cooper

Shocked and saddened by String's sudden death. He was a fun dog and had a great life with you and your pack!
Love Denise and Koby

In memory of Buck Odell

We still miss you. You taught us so much about love. You were the light of our lives. I so enjoyed being your "seeing eye human".

from Rozanne Odell

In memory of Luke and Stella from Julie Schollenberger

In memory of Cap the Border Collie, Love Charles Ferry

To Pearl Wilborn:

In memory of Snickers and Zachary from Elizabeth Tough


To Bertha William:

Koko loved Poodle Day, he loved the beach, and long walks everyday with Bertha and Kirk. Koko loved life, and made everyone around him love it too. His life was cut short, but his impact on everyone was long. Be at peace, Koko. We will miss you. Joann, Bill, Boon, Susie and Keiki

To Bart Hess

In memory of Phoebe Hess 

In loving memory of a very special member of the Hess family who has crossed

the Rainbow Bridge

from D&P Hess

In Loving Memory of Phoebe

from Susan Iwata

To Judy Westoby

In memory of Cody Westoby and Willie Westoby

So very sorry for your loss. It is always so difficult to say goodbye.

from Cheryl Bianchi

To Naomi Schwartz

In memory of Joe

from David and Barbara Rice

In memory of Duke Kaiser, the best little guy ever. Gone six years but always in our hearts.

The Kaiser Family

To Dan & Ellen Schum

You brought joy to Koby just as he brought joy to your family. Your love for him, for each other is what is right about this world. Many happy memories from Janet Allen.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.” Cheryl Zuccaro


Dorothy Bergess

In memory of B.B. love from Rachel Berkley

In loving memory of Max Swank. We miss you so much. Thank you for almost 15 years of loyalty and love. 

Love,  Aunt Jackie,                       Sparkie and Lucy

Lexi- Somerset A Step Ahead

Lexi, our beloved white Standard poodle.

Kate Samsa

In memory of Roxy Swank- we all loved you, you are gone too soon. Love, Aunt Jackie

From Judy Berglass for Alexandra Bauer in memory of LoLa

Max- Max came to us from NorCal Poodle Rescue. He was already a senior dog when he came to us, but he spent the rest of his days as happy as he could be, and in return he made our lives better for being able to know him. Genevieve Vidane

Brendan Argyle- It's been 1 1/2 years since you left us, but we still miss you, every day. Oonagh Tuilelaith still sleeps with your pink bunny. She stopped destroying toys because you are not there to gut them, for her. From: Susan Cantrell

To Rae Snyder-In loving memory of Ace from Donna Frankel

To Judy Berglass, in loving memory of Beau from Jane Alpin

Dearest Ellen,
I know how much Riley meant to you and how much you miss him. He was a wonderful companion and will be missed by all who knew him.
Remember all the loving kisses and warm hugs and he will always be with you.
Love and hugs, Judy, Bob & LuLu

The queen of the neighborhood!
When this beautiful big girl ran up to greet you in the morning, you just knew the rest of the day would be alright. Everyone that has had the great fortune of having Maddie in their life for the last 11 years, is so thankful that Tom and Alix unselfishly shared her with us all.
Marc O'Brien

​In Memory of Cap the Border Collie, Love Charles Ferry
If possible, I want to help Fonzie, the elderly miniature poodle who needs care and comfort

​To Dr. Julie Miller, DVM We will really miss our boy Luc. He made me love poodles again. I guess I can’t threaten to steal him from you anymore, but he will always be in my heart. Thanks for sharing him with me, Julie. I will love Anna even more now. Love, Janis Seagraves

Our precious Zoe, forever in our hearts.

Love, Rose Anderson

Dear Paddy- We are so sorry about the loss of Lucy. Sincerely, Mark and Laurie Berman

With Love from Nancy Kaiser  4 years gone, but always in our hearts.
We love and miss you, Duke!

Erica and Mark, We know how painful your loss is. Jackson will forever be in our hearts. Such a wonderful, spunky little guy- "Mr. Personality". He knew you loved him and he loved both of you, as well.
Always remember the good times. Mom and Dad

In loving memory of Lola from La Cantera Resort & Spa for Maria Nardi

​In remembrance of Wolfie My life is richer, because Wolfie was in it. From Darlene Hill

Dear Noreen,
Sorry on the loss of your beloved Alfie. He was much loved and will be missed.xo Judy, Bob & LuLu

Dear Susan, Carl, Natalie, and Eric:
I am so sorry to hear that Coco has passed on. Natalie tells me that his death was peaceful, with you at his side. You gave him a terrific life and he knew how much you loved him. My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Best, Susan Whitman

In honor of Taffy who was so smart that anyone that knew her knew she wasn't an ordinary dog and she knew it too. She is sorely missed. Mary lillard for am and Tom Lee

In memory of Indi Paschall by Diane Paschall

 In memory of Ch. Blue Skies Aris Uncloudy Day, "Spenser" loved by Patty and Bud Moulthrop. Donated by Diana House

​In memory of Bailey from Tony Godkin

​Feldspar Pinball Wizard aka "Tommy"
Pinball! Let's play! Tommy - the world's new pinball lord! To him! To him!
M.K. Hall

For my beloved miniature poodle, Emma. Julie Boothma

Pippi was a NorCal Poodle rescue. He was an adventurous spirit who loved bicycling, kayaking and paddle-boarding. Wherever he went he loved to explore. Goodbye my little friend. Deborah Werter

Marley,This gift is in memory of my wonderful canine friend, Marley. He was always happy to see me and would come over, extend his front legs and bow. He was a magnificent animal - a loving companion to the human family he lived with. Marley will be remember fondly by all of us who were lucky enough to spend time with him. Mina Gobler 2016

In honor of Taffy who was so smart that anyone that knew her knew she wasn't an ordinary dog and she knew it too. She is sorely missed. Mary lillard for am and Tom Lee 2016

Willie Wonka Scholl Seratt You are always in our hearts. Your brother Maxx, your Dad and "that man" have missed you every day.

I love you Willikins, Merry Christmas from Patrick Serratt 2016

­­­­­­Zoe Anderson, In memory of Zoe Anderson, the cutest little black poodle. Love Barb, Nikki and Steven and Macy. 2016
Zoe, our beautiful angel poodle. Forever in our hearts.  Rose Anderson 2016

Molly, Dear Linda and Keith, We will miss Molly but sweet memories of her will continue to comfort us.  Love, Judy, Bob, LuLu, 2016

Duke, We make this donation in Duke's memory. He is gone, but will always be in our hearts. Very hard to believe it has been 3 years since he left us. I know we will see him one day over the Rainbow Bridge. Nancy Kaiser 2016

Cooper,  In loving memory of Cooper, Valerie Merrill 2016

Lola Nardi,  In memory of Lola Nardi, Dave Lavelle 2016

Lola Nardi, In memory of Lola Nardi, Amy Shannon 2016

Lola Nardi, In memory of Lola Nardi, Mike Shema 2016

Lola Nardi, In honor and memory of Lola Jason Kent 2016

Lola Nardi, In memory of Lola Nardi, the sweetest and happiest dog on earth, Geraldine Nardi, 2016

Willie Wonka,  In memory of my beloved Willie Wonka --- Pattrick Serat 2016

ZsaZsa Franza Goehring, Dear Tony, Michael and Bentley, Zsa Zsa was a beautiful girl who was loved by everyone.  She had a beautiful life filled with lots of love. We hope all of your happy memories bring you much comfort during this difficult time.  Much love, Alan, Kelli, Gigi, Berkeley and Wrigley Berezin 2016

Willie Wonka, Thinking of you and Bill and Max, and, of course, Willie at this holiday time. To Pattrick Seratt from Julie and Gino Muzzatti 2015

Zoe, In memory of our beautiful Zoe.  This was not goodbye.  It is still "I love you forever." Rose Anderson 2015

Zoe, In memory of Zoe, the sweetest poodle who loved playing ball. Barb, Nikki, Macy, Steven. 2015" To Rose Anderson,  From Barbara McVey

Benny, "We will miss Benny."  To Cecile and Colin Schlesinger, From Jill Chrisofferson, 2015

Lily, "To honor the memory of a beloved companion." To Helene Cavior from Loraine A. Pansegrau 2015

Beau,  will be missed.  He was a true love and very special boy. Our poodles have brought us much joy.  David Cooper 2015

Zoe, our princess poodle will be forever in our hearts. Rose Anderson 2015

Willie, Every day I miss you and your loving kisses, and wish I could give my little boy his beloved tummy rubs. You are my hero. With love from Pattrick Seratt and Bill Scholl 2015

Diezel who took me under his paw and played with me on the beach.  I will miss him forever.  Love, LuLu. To Jean Killacky from Judith Berglass 2015

Lucy, who was so very loved by so many,  especially her doting parents Brian and Jessie.  She will live in our hearts forever.  With much love, Allison, Andrew, Jane and Norman.  To Brian and Jessica Donahue from Allison Oxenreite 2015

Lola  We will remember gladly Lola's sweetness along with her indomitable spirit.  Love, Barbara and Pier. To Pat and Claudio Oddone from Barbara Oddone 2015

Lucie, In honor of Lucie and loved by Kim Briggs.  Kim, please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss of Lucie.  I know how very special she was.  They are never with us long enough, yet we cannot imagine our lives without a dog in it.  I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Remembered by Cathie Newitt

Molly, In honor of Molly, Christine Curran 2014  Molly brought our family so much joy, love and excitement.  She will be forever in our hearts.

Carrie, In memory of Carrie, Deborah Greco 2013… “The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long”  Bladerunner  Remembered by Anne Belcher

Shira, In memory of beautiful, spirited Shira. We'll see you on the other side.  Remembered always by Lyla DeVita and Gene and Marguerite Donaldson, 2014.

Piper, Ch. Blue Skies Deryabar Delicious,  at 15 years of age, always in charge of her kingdom including her beloved Mary Klays. Remembered lovingly by Patty and Bud Moulthrop. 2014

Princess Molly, In loving memory of my special dog grooming client Princess, Molly of Cupertino, a 15 year old parti-colored miniature. Natasha Averyanova, Cupertino 2014

Willie, In memory of Willie, one of the sweetest poodles who ever lived. Pattrick Seratt and Bill Scholl, Guardians  Remembered by Suzanne and Gerry Blue 2014

Elsie, In memory of Elsie, who loved the beach and brought joy to her family.  Laura Hare, Guardian

Remembered by  Chris, Laura, Nick, and Teddy. 2014

Sofi, in memory of our sweet, spunky little one.  We were lucky to have time with her. Remembered lovingly by Ann Harty 2013

Jett, celebrating his first adoption anniversary, Lesley Prentice 2013

Reggie, Blue Skies MVP.  Remembered lovingly by Patty and Bud Moulthrop. 2013

Rock,  In memory of Jeffry Weisman and Andrew Fisher's Rock, 2013

Remembered lovingly by Patty and Bud Moulthrop

Leo, In memory of Leo,  Joanne Bohren 2013

Leo, In memory of Leo, Barbara Spingola 2013

Millie, In memory of Pat and Tim Slattery's Millie.  From Ian Slattery 2013

Luigi, In memory of Luigi.  From Janis Gavin 2013

Phil, In memory of Phil. From Sandra Delk 2013

Piper, In memory of Ana and Steve's Piper. From Deborah and Steven M Baloff 2013

Emma Cooper, In memory of our Emma Cooper, Blue Skies Espree.  She brought to us much love and joy.  She will be missed.  David Cooper 2013

Latte the Poodle,  This donation is on behalf of Latte the Poodle who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  From the Shane Family 2013

Dorothy Bergess

In memory of B.B. love from Rachel Berkley

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