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Our Best Friends

"Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished."


Rulos and Jett.jpg

Honoring Dixie and Dash- love from 
From Sharon Cabral


Honoring Audrey and Trevor

Love From Sharon Cabral

Lexi Perlman was among the most special of dogs. Dayle Kline

A donation has been made in honor of Roxeanne the Wonder

Dog who lives with Bart Hess, from his brother Don Hess-

who says they are a perfect match!

11 years ago I met Milo. a poodle terrier mix. My life changed enormously. I know he is getting older but I also know that the bond between us is amazing. Everyday I smile in gratitude that knowing who truly rescued who. This is from him.

from Alan Daly

Happy 7th Birthday, Grayson!

from Trisha Sarkissian

Dear Jane & Jerry,

Congratulations on your new baby ... Jamie! Jamie won the "pick your parents" award as I know he will have a loving, caring home for his entire life.

Love, Judy, Bob & LuLu

In honor of Charlie formerly known as Jake

from John and Sandi Kniep

In honor of Maya

from Steven Wincor

In honor of 22 Top Knot

from Judi Gibson

In honor of Cap, the Border Collie. From Charles Ferry

Welcome Remi,

I look forward to meeting you next month when I visit you in Tucson. Until then, be a good puppy. Love, Auntie Judy

In honor of Aris Dixie Belle's Orange Blossom (Dixie) 10th Birthday

Allison C. Cain


Charlie, In honor of Charlie, Sandra and John Kniep, 2016

Buddy, In honor of Buddy, Mary Mark, 2016

Sasha, Adopted in 2010, She is a wonderful companion to Judy and me and to our male parti-poodle, Plato.  Judith and Christopher Armstron, 2015

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