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Toasty's Story

Janis and Toasty make the perfect pair.

In rescue, volunteers experience many instances of serendipity and the story of Toasty is a heart-warming example:

Every week NCPR volunteers check for poodles. This website lists all dogs, cats and other animals in county shelters. On this particular day Sue Cooper sought poodles that might have medical issues. Thanks to Maddie's Treatable Assistance Program, grants are made to rescues to fund medical care for injured or sick but treatable pets rescued from county shelters.  A two month old poodle puppy with an injured front leg captured Sue’s attention and she immediately left a message for Sue Underwood, rescue coordinator at Contra Costa County Animal Services in Martinez, to explore rescue possibilities. Early the next morning, never having heard Sue Cooper’s message, Sue Underwood called requesting NCPR’s help with the injured puppy. Sue C, wasted no time in retrieving Toasty and brought him home to nurse while waiting for the first available veterinary appointment. Otherwise full of vim and vigor, Toasty was reluctant to use his front left leg and upon x-ray two hairline fractures were identified. A splint for three weeks is all that was needed.


The week prior to Toasty’s rescue, Janis called Sue requesting guidance and advice in obtaining a poodle puppy. Sadly Janis and her husband Mark had recently lost their beloved poodle Luigi, adopted from NCPR 5 years ago, to an autoimmune disease. Sue thought of Janis and called her with a description of Toasty.  A few days later Janis and Mark became Toasty’s foster parents and they will become his official adopters after he is neutered. Timing is everything because as fate would have it, Janis is to undergo chemotherapy for three months and will be home with Toasty to nurture and train him. Both Janis and Mark have positions with dog friendly companies so Toasty will have a busy, happy life.


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