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July 1 Eight weeks old and on their way to get their shots.

From left Blossom, Spitfire, Vanilla, Brandon and Buster

Meanwhile Mama Bear went to the Spa for a Haircut.

June 14    Puppies ~ 6 weeks old

June 2    Puppies~4 weeks old

May 17 Food, Glorious Food The puppies started to try to eat Mama Bear's food. So they got some of their own, soft puppy food and goat's milk.  Next milestones; peeing and pooping independently.

Getting right into their food

Eating is so exhausting

May 14 Mama Bear looks bedraggled and she has a nasty ear infection (caused by 4 foxtails), but she is a wonderful mom to her five healthy pups, two boys and three girls! 


Two pups are cream with white markings and three pups are mostly white. This poodle family was found in a box in a park in Contra Costa County and brought to the Martinez shelter on 5/13.  

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